Young Folk Alibali Alibali bee

sweetiesAlibali alibalibee
Sitting on your Mammy's knee
Greeting for a wee bawbee
To buy mair Coulter's candy

Mammy gi't me my thrifty doon
Here's old Coulter coming round
Wi' his basket on his croon
He's selling Coulter's candy

Our wee Jeannie was awfy thin
A wrickle of bones just wrapped in skin
Noo she's getting a wee double chin
Through eating Coulter's candy

Go to sleep now my bonny wee one
It's six o'clock and your playing's done
When you wake up in the morning sun
You'll get more Coulter's candy

greeting = crying
bawbee = halfpenny
mair = more
thrifty doon = pocket money

[From Joy's childhood singing.] [Key F]

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