Young Folk Keep your feet still Geordie Hinny
Oh Geordie and Bob Johnson both lay in bed one night
In a little lodgin' hoos doon by the shore,
But before they'd been an hour asleep a kick from Geordie's foot
Made him wakin' up and roar instead of snore

Keep your feet still Geordie hinny let's be happy through the neet*
For we may not be sae happy through the day
Oh give us that bit comfort, keep your feet still Geordie lad,
And divn't drive me bonny dreams away

Noo A dreamt there was a dance was held and Mary Clark was there
A thowt we traipsed quite lightly roond the floor,
I pressed hor heavin' breest to mine whilst walzin' roon that room
That's more than A dare ever dee afor.


Yer kna the lad she gans wi', they call him Jimmy Green,
And he thowt he'd try to spoil us wor bit o' fun
A dremt I nailed him heavy and blacked the big fool's eye,
It I'd slept it's hard to tell what I'd a done.


Now A thowt A set her hame that night content we went alang
An' A kissed her lips a hundred times or mare
And I wished the road wud never end so happy like was A
A cud've walked a thoosand miles wi' Mary there.


I dreamt Jim Green had left the town and left his luv to me
An' A thowt the hoos was furnished wi' the best
And a dreamt A'd just left the church wi' Mary by me side
When your clumsy feet completely spoiled the rest.


For translations see Websters on-line Geordie to English dictionary



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