Young Folk Hori horo my bonny wee lass

Hori horo my bonny wee lass

Hori horo my fair one
Will you go with me my love
To be my own my rare one.

Smiling the land, smiling the sea
Sweet is the scent of the heather
Were we but yonder just you and me
The two of us together.


All the day long out on the peat
Then by the shore in the gloaming
Stepping it lightly on dancing feet
And we together roaming.


Laughter above, singing below
Tripping it lithsome and airy
Could we be asking of life for more
My own my darling Mary.


[The song is often credited to Alexander MacLean Sinclair, who collected and published many collections of Gaelic cultural material in the 19th century. He was the grandson of John MacLean of Tiree, known generally as the Bard MacLean, the last professional Gaelic poet in Scotland. The melody has been set to the modern hymn text by John Bell and Graham Maule, The God of Heaven is Present on Earth, published by the Iona Community. The words Ho-Ri Ho-Ro (pronounced hoe-ree hoe-row) are vocables, or words that don't necessarily have any meaning but are often used in Highland Scots music. ]

[Key D]

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