Young Folk Rothsay-O
One Hogmany at Glesca' Fair,
There was me, my'sel' and' sev'ral mair
And we all went off tae hae a tear,
And spend the night in Rothsay-o
We wandered thru the Broomielaw
Thru frost and rain and hail and snaw
And at forty minutes after twa
We'd got the length of Rothsay-o

Dirrum a doo ma du ma day,
Dirrum a doo a dy dum do
Dirrum a doo ma du ma day,
The dat we went tae Rothsay

A soldier lad named Ru'glen Will,
Wha' regiment's lyin' at Broomhill
Went off wi' a tanner to buy a gill
In a public hoose in Rothsay-o
Says he: "I think I'd like to sing."
Says I "ye'll nae do sich a thing!"
"So stand yer backs and make a ring
And I'll fecht ye all in Rothsay-o!"

In search of lodgin's we did slide
To find a place where we could bide
There was eighty-twa of us inside
In a single room in Rothsay-o!
We all lay doon t'take our ease,
When somebody happend for to sneeze
And he wakened half a million fleas
In that lodgin' hoose in Rothsay-o!

There were several different kinds of bugs,
Some had feet like dyer's clogs
And they sat on the bed and they cockit their lugs
And cried: "Hurrah! for Rothsay-o!"
Says I: "I think it's time to slope!"
For the polis wouldn'a let us stop,
So we went and joined the Band O'Hope
And said farewell tae Rothsay-o!


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